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Vol 01 No. 01

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1 Effect of Process Factors on Desorption of Swiss blue dye from spent Microwave prepared Activated carbon from hamburgar seed shell
Ejikeme, Patrick C. N., Ejikeme, and Ebere M.
2 Production of Transformer Oil from Castor Seed Oil
Egbuna, S.O.1, Ude, O.C., and Nevo C.O.
3 Kantorovich Method for the Determination of Eigen Frequencies of Thin Rectangular Plates
Ike, C.C.1 and Nwoji, C.U.
4 Bending Analysis of Simply Supported Rectangular Kirchhoff Plates under Linearly Distributed Transverse Load
Ike C.C., Nwoji C.U, Ikwueze E.U, and Ofondu I.O
5 Elastic Buckling Analysis of simply supported thin Plates using the double finite Fourier Sine Integral Transform Method
Nwoji C.U., Onah H.N., Mama B.O.,Ike C.C., and Ikwueze E.U.
6 The Impact of Slow and deep breathing on Clinical Blood Pressures (Bp) of Pregnant Subjects Using Automated Technique
Nwobodo Nzeribe H.N and Ani O.I.
7 DC Motor Position Control using Model Reference Adaptive Controller (MRAC)
Okafor, P.U., Eneh, I.I., Okoye, F.A. and Eke, J.
8 Pathloss Prediction for Suburban Environments in ACDMA 2000IX Network
Ifeagwu, E. N., Enebe, C. C., and Jaja, V
9 Reducing Setting Time in Positioning Systems using an Improved Adaptive Impulse Control Technique
Offor, N.E., Eneh, I.I., Okafor, P.U., and Eneh, P.C.
10 Development and Performance Evaluation of Poultry Feed Mixing and Pelleting Machine
Ilo F.U., Ugwu K.C., and Obeta C.N.
11 Cost-Time Overrun Analysis of Small Scale Metal Fabrication Projects in Nigerian: Case Study
Nwankwojike, B. N., Onwuka, S. O., and Onuekwusi, C. I.
12 Coating Effectiveness of Antiretroviral Drugs in HIV-Blood Interactions
Ani, O.I. and Nwobodo Nzeribe, H.N.